Drupal and Continuous Integration

DrupalCampNJ 2014, Princeton, NJ

Continuous Integration (CI) is the practice, in software engineering, of merging all developer working copies with a shared mainline several times a day. Implementing CI in Drupal 7 can be tedious, but I will go into some of the tools and techniques we use at Princeton University to implement a CI workflow.

In this session we will explore some of the benefits and advantages you get from implementing CI, along with sample workflows and tools, such as Git, Jenkins, and the Drupal Features module.

Intro to Git

Princeton University 2013

I gave a talk to the Princeton Application Developers and Web Application Developers. Here are my slides:

Managing Content on the Princeton Web

Princeton University, 2009

During the past decade, Princeton University’s web site has grown from a relatively simple tool supporting producers and consumers of information about the institution, its programs, and its people to what is today a complex, mission-critical appliance for teaching, research, administration, and collaboration.

Such complex web sites publish and sustain every day vast amounts of time sensitive information. To manage the mountain of content, Princeton has turned to Content Management Systems that offer an integrated set of powerful features for creating, storing, versioning, and publishing everything from news articles and brochures though audio, video, and images.

On November 11th, 2009, I gave a talk at Princeton University’s Lunch n’ Learn series on the complexity of managing content on today’s web. Here are my slides: